Advice and tips for interviewing remotely

July 21, 2020 by Dir3ct Recruitment

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Tips for interviewing remotely: how to prepare for an online interview

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an interruption for businesses around the globe. It has completely reshaped the way companies operate – even once restrictions are eased, many expect remote working to stay. We need to be ready for a brave new world of video interviewing and all-digital interactions. So how can you impress a potential new boss from home?

Preparation is key! Make sure you’re prepared by;

  • Testing your technology and making sure you dress the part. Smart attire must be visible to the interviewer(s) and you should dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Our advice would be to dress up completely. Don’t just dress the top half of yourself. They might not be able to see it, but you will feel it.
  • Making sure you’re ready at least 15 minutes before the interview begins. This means making sure everything is in place that you will need for the interview and test everything: video, microphone, seat height, light levels.
  • Finding a quiet space: Find a space with as little background noise as possible. Also, be aware of what will be in the background of the video frame – if your background is busy, the interviewer might find it distracting and lose focus on what you are saying.
  • Checking the sound: At the start of the interview, check that you can hear each other clearly and be aware of any possible buffering which could cause a slight delay in response.
  • Being on time: Don’t be late for the call. Try to login a couple of minutes early so you can be waiting for the interviewer to start the meeting.
  • Getting their contact details: Make sure you have the interviewer’s contact details to hand to ensure you can make contact quickly should you lose connection.

Before the interview, it’s important to take some time taking care of your digital platforms. Gone are the days of typing a well-crafted CV, printing it on your best paper and randomly posting to several recruiters/employers in the hope it has caught their attention to warrant a call-back.

Of course your CV should be well crafted, yet the great care and attention that you put into your killer CV should also be reflected across other digital channels that an employer is highly likely to check. And, if getting in front of a camera or spending countless hours editing your social media profiles seems a mammoth task at first, then at the very least you must have a superstar CV.

Here’s a few tips to consider;

  • Style and layout – be clear, concise and easy to read on screen as well as in print. Don’t get carried away with fancy fonts or colours, they’re just distracting.
  • Avoid any gaps – make sure all the dates tie up. Gaps in your CV simply invite further questioning. If you’ve spent time out of work for whatever reason, just be open and upfront about it.
  • Tailor your CV – Take your job hunting seriously and tailor your CV to match the job you’re applying for. Yes it can be tedious, but you don’t have to rewrite it every time. Simply highlight specific skills and experience to match the role you’re applying for.

Build your online personal profile so that if they look for you online, you have a digital footprint.

This interview is your time to shine, so make sure you show why you should be hired for this position. You want to showcase your skills including that you are reliable and dependable. Make sure you also answer all questions clearly and in detail, giving specific examples and explaining what you learnt from previous experiences.

Once the interview is finished, make sure you send an email simply thanking the interviewer for the interview and their time. This will show you are genuinely interested in the position and that you look forward to finding out if you are successful in gaining the role.

If you have any questions, or feel nervous about the prospect of interviewing remotely for a new role, we’re happy to offer advice and support in any way we can. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.